Artist Sales by Market

Pollstar and Nielsen SoundScan have released a new concert business data report that shows a selected artist's physical and digital recorded music sales across all 100 major US market DMAs.

Login To PollstarPro

Simply login to and click the Nielsen SoundScan Reports menu tab. Agree to the legalese.

Step 1 - Select An Artist

Under the Nielsen SoundScan Reports menu tab on the homepage, select Artist Sales By Market DMA.

In the Search box, type all or part of an artist's name. Hit Go and then select the desired artist from the list.


If you are already on a specific artist's itinerary page, simply click the Buy Nielsen SoundScan button.

Step 2 - Generate Your Report

Follow the prompts to pay for the report using your credit card or pre-paid credits.

Step 3 - What You're Seeing

Once you have created the report (it may take a minute), it displays on screen with three tabs; one each for Physical and Digital Album sales, Digital Tracks, and Performance data.

Select Print/Save at the top of the page to generate a PDF which contains all the data in one formatted and printable report.

Click here to see a sample report. Click the images to see large screen versions.


To Generate A Nielsen SoundScan Artist Sales by Market DMA Report - Click Here