Playback Control, a music tech company based in Nashville, has introduced what it considers to be a step forward in live reproduction of studio tracks.


Photo: Nate Tipton

Playback Control - Chicago's drum tech/playback operator John Blum puts the finishing touches on their Playback Control rig with the company's CEO, Lance Wascom, ahead of a show at the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville. 

The Playback Control rig enhances live music by automatically incorporating audio tracks and MIDI effects into performances.  It enables bands to add effects that have been traditionally only available in the studio into their live performances.

Songs may have been originally recorded with a 20-piece string band, or with various effects that cannot be reproduced on stage, both of which may not be possible to create during that time. These tracks/effects are programmed into the rig, and played during the show along with the live music.

The rig also automates stage features like fireworks and lighting.

Kenny Chesney, KORN and Carley Rae Jepsen are currently using Playback Control systems.