The second edition of the Czech Republic’s Nouvelle Prague showcase conference doubled its delegate numbers as 200 showed at the Staropramen Brewery Nov. 7-8. 


Nouvelle Prague 2014 - Carl Leighton-Pope (L) speaks during a panel. 

The showcases attracted 550 visitors on the first night and 700 on the second. Apart from the obvious attractions of the venue, Nouvelle Prague also had an impressive list of speakers including Carl Leighton-Pope (The Leighton-Pope Organisation), Rob Challice (CODA), Jack Shankly (Domino Records) and Malcolm Haynes (Glastonbury Festival).

The conference focused on central European markets, calling on the expertise of Robert Porkert (Live Nation Czech Republic), Zlata Holusova (Colours Of Ostrava Festival), Michal Kascak (Pohoda Festival, Slovakia) and Nick Hobbs (Charmenko).

Pokert was one of the first people to bring big international acts to the Czech Republic after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

The showcase talent included two bands from Australia (Calling All Cars and Ball Park Music), two from Canada (Slow Down Molasses and The Visit), one from Israel (Skyroads), one from South Africa (The Plastics) and one from USA (Sun Club).