Welcome to Pollstar’s fourth annual Global Festival & Events Calendar. 


2016 Global Festival Events Calendar

We have included nearly 1,900 confirmed events for 2016 from 74 countries around the world. That is an increase of more than 300 overs over the previous year.

Many of these festivals are huge talent magnets and are routed into tours from the earliest stages of planning.

We have also tried to include the smaller folk, jazz, and indie events that rely more on regional talent with the occasional touring headliner.

As you will see, the idea of finding an open weekend on the calendar is virtually impossible. One of the most pronounced trends in recent years has been the early announcement of festival dates followed by the early on-sale of events that are nearly a year away.

That trend has continued and, at this point, any major annual festival without confirmed dates may not be happening in the coming year.

Subscribers will also receive a digital copy of the calendar with live links to the festival websites. Current Pollstar Pro subscribers can access the digital version of the 2016 Global Festival Events calendar by clicking the link below the Current Issue on the PollstarPro.com homepage (on the bottom-right).

Extra copies of the Global Festival & Events Calendar are available in the Pollstar.com store for $29.95 and also include the digital copy with the live festival links.

Event information was accurate as of Dec. 15 and is subject to change.