AXS Anywhere ticketing program, operated by AEG, is beefing up its distribution outlets by partnering with Groupon, Goldstar and Gametime & Entertainment Benefits Group, AXS announced Aug. 7.



“We believe in broad distribution and are committed to providing the best ticketing experience from discovery to purchase,” AXS exec Blaine LeGere said. “These fantastic partners not only expand the awareness of events and the accessibility to purchase, but streamline the buying process for our fans.”

 AXS Anywhere issues tickets through its partner apps, which removes the need for physical tickets and adds another security layer by validating each ticket once purchased. Venue staff no longer need to change platforms to check promotions and sales.

 Groupon has an extensive web and mobile presence, Goldstar has a large venue partner network and Gametime’s mobile app gives customers an outlet for last-minute tickets, AXS said.