Live Nation fully acquired Luger in 2008. Fredriksson is in charge of the company’s commercial business. Together with Luger’s head promoter and managing director Ola Broquist, Fredriksson also founded Way Out West and Are Sessions festivals. In his new role of partnership and creative director for both Live Nation Sweden and Luger, Fredriksson is responsible for all partnerships including Live Nation and Luger festivals, events and artists in Sweden.


Photo: Jenny Ingemarsson

Patrick Fredriksson - Partnership & Creative Director of Live Nation Sweden & Luger

Live Nation recently announced the promotion of Anna Sjölund and Therése Liljedahl to joint managing directors of the comapy’s Swedish operations, alongside making Kristofer Åkesson the new marketing and communications manager.

Commenting on Fredriksson's promotion, Liljedahl said: “There are few with as long experience of our industry as Patrick. With Way Out West, he has also shown the way and set a whole new standard for how we should work with commercial collaborations at events in a modern and creative manner. I am also very happy and proud that with Patrick’s new role we finally have a joint partnership department for all our operations at Luger & Live Nation.”

Added Fredriksson: “How we create and develop partnerships and events is something I’m passionate about, and to now be more involved in all projects will be very exciting. Creative & conscious partnerships are hugely important for us, our partners and very much so for our visitors.”