Visitors to Pollstar Live! in Los Angeles this year were given a special treat - aside from the dozens of celebrities, rock stars and industry legends mingling with thousands of music business executives at the largest gathering of concert industry professionals in the world – they were given a first look at Pollstar’s brand new website.

Pollstar Beta Logo

The new site will eventually replace both and, but for now it is open for live beta-testing – and we are excited to hear your feedback!

Among the many enhancements that visitors will enjoy is the long-awaited ability to view the site natively on tablets and phones. The new responsive design will seamlessly adapt itself to fit every concievable screen size, from desktop computers to touch screen cell phones, complete with “swipe” gesture support.

The new intelligent search feature is something that we are very excited about here at Pollstar. It searches through more data more accurately and with just a few simple keywords can locate all relevant information from venues and artists to photographs, news articles and even employees. In seconds.


Photo: Joe Reinartz

Pollstar Beta

It automatically searches for word variations and international (mis)-spellings and we plan on boosting the accuracy and speed of the search results even further by learning common spelling errors and suggesting alternate searches when appropriate. 

We have completely redesigned the way that festival information is stored and presented, allowing us to provide a more informative user experience both for concert-goers and for industry professionals alike. 

In fact, we haven’t just redesigned our handling of festivals – we have completely redesigned our entire database from the ground up, and the new site is built upon an entirely new infrastructure. Essentially, what this means is that will be able to react to our customer needs, introduce new features and improve existing elements much faster than ever before.

We’ve added venue mapping, nearby venue lists, profile photos, detailed staff contact information, festival overviews and detailed lineups, a clean responsive user experience and so much more. We’ve thrown away “paging” so you just keep scrolling, Facebook style. We’ve given full control of article styling to our editors, freeing them up to create all kinds of exciting new content. And we have plans to do so much more - box office heat maps, visualization of tour routes, favorites, contact lists, calendars, calendar integration, user-driven updates, additional subscription plans and so on. We’re only just getting started!

Honestly, there is so much to talk about, that this short article cannot possibly cover everything. The best idea is to just head over to the beta site and check it out for yourself and leave some feedback. We want to build the best possible experience for our customers and we need your help to do it.

If you are already a Pollstar Pro subscriber, you can simply login with your Pollstar Pro credentials for complete access to the new site.

All of us at Pollstar are very excited for this new website and we are looking forward to working with all of you in 2017 and beyond. Thank you!