The title of Crowder’s debut solo album, Neon Steeple, kind of says it all – he’s a seamless blend of old and new.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on his “Porch” stage setup, a jam session featuring traditional bluegrass instruments but also pounding drums, electric guitars and neon lasers. His self-described “Folktronica” makes for a familiar yet fresh and exciting concert experience.

Crowder’s career growth is also about blending old and new, with venues ranging from local churches to major arenas and a sold-out Tabernacle in Atlanta.


Photo: AP Photo/Mark Zeleski


“Sometimes it’s the look or the perspective we want to have in the particular market, so for some of the important markets, if we can go to a cool club or a theatre and have that kind of profile, that might be the better play,” said CAA’s Bryan Myers, who’s booked Crowder since the David Crowder Band frontman went solo a couple of years ago. 

“I think for us moving forward we’re trying to find this delicate balance between this fan that grew up on David Crowder Band and this new area that he’s pushed into.”

Ticket price is also a factor, for both fan and artist.

“You are going to save some costs by going to a church venue, the reality is that the contemporary Christian music space charges less for tickets, so that can make it a little more challenging to go into a neutral theatre or club.

“I would love to see our ticket prices be a little more competitive with mainstream. We’re putting on the same kind of show, we’re putting on an amazing quality production but we are charging less most of the time.”



After just wrapping up a headline tour, Crowder joins Chris Tomlin’s Adore Christmas tour, and will do the Winter Jam arena tour in January, which runs into April.

Myers says to expect more one-offs and strategic plays in fall 2016, followed by a bigger tour, “probably in the 2,000-plus range.”

“The touring has gone fantastic,” Myers said. “He’s getting in front of huge audiences in these opportunities like the Rock & Worship Roadshow, Winter Jam, he was on part of the Outcry tour. These are just great seating moments to tell this story.

“It’s been so thrilling to see this connect.”