The International Live Music Conference that started in London March 5 sold out its 1,000 or so delegate passes, despite some people having to pull out after falling victim to the various bugs in circulation. 


Photo: James Looker

ILMC 27 - The ILMC 27 Super Team shows off their powers, with head honcho Greg Parmley (back row, center) thanking many, including Jstar M. Usic, Manjit Kandola, Terry McNally, Lou Percival, Arty Spoon, Allan McGowan, Isobel Work, Kane Leighton-Pope, and Martin Hughes.

Given the comic book hero theme that this year’s conference has taken up, presumably some parts of the globe must have come under threat from some powerful and villainous super virus.

None of this meant ILMC was in any danger of falling short as the demand is always greater than capacity, leaving new owner Greg Parmley to celebrate what some are saying was one of the best editions in the conference’s history.

“Lots of people saying it's their favourite yet,” he told Pollstar. Parmley was also pleased with panel attendance topping last year’s. It appears it couldn’t have gone better, according to the note Parmley posted on Facebook.

“All hail the Mighty ILMC 27 Superteam!! What an awesome bunch of lovely people, each of whom used their own unique superpowers (as well as oodles of hard graft, sweat and dedication) to make ILMC 27 one of the best yet. To each and every one, I owe a galactic thank you,” it said.

Panel speakers included industry heavyweights such as Live Nation global music chief Arthur Fogel, AEG Live president and co-chief exec John Meglen, Solo Agency chief John Giddings, DEAG chief Peter Schwenkow, and FKP Scorpio boss Folkert Koopmans.

As if Parmley wanted to start his stewardship of the event with a supersonic boom, there was also Randy Phillips (Global Entertainment), Rob Hallett (Robomagic), Stefan Lehmkuhl (Melt and Lollapalooza festivals), Ivan Milivojev (Exit Festival), Baris Basaran (Pozitif Live), Michal Kascak (Pohoda Festival), Serge Grimaux (Intellitix) and Juha Kyyrö (FKP Scorpio Nordic).

Marcel Avram won the “Bottle Award” for lifetime achievement at the accompanying Arthur Awards, which took place at The Savoy Hotel March 7. EMBED Geoff Mall / Arthur Awards Other winners included Royal Albert Hall (First Venue To Come Into Your Head), Live Nation UK’s Phil Bowdery (Promoters’ Promoter), The Agency Group’s Geoff Meall (pictured, second least offensive agent), Belgium’s Rock Werchter (Liggers’ Favorite Festival), The Agency Group’s Samantha Henfrey (The People’s Assistant), and Maarten Van Vugt of Greenhouse Talent (Tomorrow’s New Boss).

 ILMC was at London’s Royal Garden Hotel March 5-8.