February 4, 2005 • The Wiltern LG • Los Angeles

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Photos by Jeffrey Mayer, John Shearer and Marcy Guiragossian.

Lewis Black shows his, um, proficiency in sign language during the awards show at The Wiltern LG in Los Angeles.

Helter Skelter's Emma Banks says a few words as she collects the company's International Booking Agency of the Year award.

It's an international meeting of the minds as Italian promoters Domenico D'Alessandro (center) of D'Alessandro Presents and Adolfo Galli (R) chat with AEG's Amy Morrison, Rob Hallett and Randy Phillips.

Jon Anderson of Yes prepares to award Most Creative Stage Production, which went to Prince and company.

Wembley Arena's Julie Warren and Caroline McNamara express their thanks when the noted venue is chosen International Large Venue of the Year.

Facility Management Group's Cesar Morales, Emmel Communications' Jeremiah "Ice" Younoussi and PM Group's Howard Pollack put their heads together during the pre-festivities.

The Awards Show after-party finds ArtistArena's Mark Weiss, Hunt Enterprises' John Hunt, Face The Music Touring's Nick Storch and Trevanna Enterprises' Carl Freed taking it easy.

Core Entertainment's Bill Siddons and ICO Concert Promotion's Arne Worsoe share a hug with awards show staffer Debbie Meister following the February 4th awards show.

Mojo Concerts' Leon Ramakers and The Agency Group's Neil Warnock grab some face time during the awards show pre-party at The Wiltern LG.

The one and only Miles Copeland has a chat with Larry Blake of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips just prior to the Concert Industry Awards.