The Consortium
    The Concert Industry Consortium was founded in 1994 with the objective of fostering greater communication among the key professionals within the concert business and also between the concert business and other elements of the music business. The partnership itself comprises executives from major booking agencies, concert promotion, facility management and record companies.
Click to view larger image of Eleven Years of CIC logos.    The CIC seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas between key decision makers, enhance the flow of information among professionals, and make a positive contribution toward enriching the concert industry's health.
    The concert industry landscape has changed significantly since the inception of the consortium; the business itself is constantly being redefined. Consolidation, new technology, and global economics are bringing unprecedented challenges and opportunities to our industry.These forces of change have made the CIC more valuable.
    Our ability to adapt to the new business climate depends on our ability to brainstorm, address common concerns, and share ideas that will brighten the future for all of us. The CIC's goal is to help the concert industry not just survive, but also to evolve and prosper.

The Conference
   In order to stimulate constructive dialog between the various interests in our industry, the CIC annual conference was established.
    The first step in addressing any issue facing the industry is to gather the key decision makers together in one place for provocative discussion. These conferences have allowed for a variety of viewpoints to be expressed, both from the panelists and the participants in the audience. On this level alone, the CIC conferences continue to be an overwhelming success.

Conference History
   Concert business history was made in February 1995 when the first CIC conference brought together an unprecedented number of major industry players in Los Angeles to begin "Reinventing The Business." A year later, CIC 2 sold out faster than the first despite a 50 percent increase in capacity.
    During CIC 3, a new topic, "Re-engineering The Concert Business," opened up more visionary discussions of the business's future, while the CIC 4 anticipated the huge impact of industry consolidation. CIC 5.0, with theme "Countdown To The Millennium," focused on how creative thinking and new technology were impacting the concert industry.
    CIC 2000 saw the conference move to the Bellagio in Las Vegas and a renewed desire to accept change and adapt to survive. This new, challenging era in our business began to take shape and forward-thinking took center stage during "CIC 2001: A Concert Odyssey."
    The 2002 conference, held at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in Hollywood, CA, convened in the shadow of the tragic events of September 11. Strong willed as ever, the CIC determined that nothing would prevent us from meeting, hence the tagline "The Show Must Go On."
    The conference returned to the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel in February of 2003. Topics for panels and main sessions ranged from 2002 in Review and Marketing questions to International Touring and Establishing Club Level Talent. Highlights of the conference were the The If I Were King, I Would... session and the Fireside Chat with Michael Cohl and Donald Tarlton.     
     The 10th anniversary edition Concert Industry Consortium convened February 4-6, 2004. Familiar faces, new connections, the always-popular forums, and exciting new features like the Career Center and Poster Contest helped make CIC 2004 another runaway success.
    From February 2 - 4, 2005,  the movers and shakers of the industry will once again converge on Southern California to continue the now-decade-long tradition of brainstorming, networking and planning for the future during CIC 2005.
    We invite you to join us in celebrating our 11th year of exchanging ideas, voicing complaints and compliments, and working toward a better concert experience for everyone.    

     In order to ensure the quality and intimacy of the conference, the capacity has been strictly controlled. The past CIC conferences illustrate the consortium's commitment to preserving the integrity and continued success of the concert industry.

CIC Directors
Gary Bongiovanni

Gary Smith

Shari Rice
    Conference Director

CIC Partners
Irving Azoff
    Azoffmusic Management

Michael Belkin
    Belkin Productions

Fred Bohlander
    Monterey Peninsula Artists

Jack Boyle
     JJJ Managemen
Tim Collins
    Collins Management

Peter Conlon
    Peter Conlon Presents

Alex Cooley,
    Concert Promotions

Bill Elson
    Ascendit, Inc.

Michael Evans

Rick Franks
    Cellar Door Companies

Paul Goldman
    Monterey Peninsula Artists

Harvey Goldsmith
    Artiste Management Prod., Ltd
Arny Granat
    Jam Productions

Peter Grosslight
    William Morris Agency

Alex Hodges
   House of Blues Concerts
Liana Farnham
    Columbia Records / Sony Music

Laurie Jacoby
   Radio City Entertainment
Don Law
    Tea Party Concerts

David Leiken
    Double Tee Concerts

Rob Light
    Creative Artists Agency

Ben Liss
    David Ben Liss P.C.
Larry Magid
    Electric Factory Concerts

Jim McNeil
    United Concerts

Jerry Mickelson
    Jam Productions

Bruce Moran
    O.C.E.S.A. Presents

Brian Murphy
    Avalon Attractions

John Scher
    Metropolitan Talent

Carl Scott
    Gartzman, Simmons & Scott Entertainment

Lee Smith
    Bill Graham Presents

Jon Stoll
    Fantasma Productions

Donald Tarlton
    Donald K. Donald Group

David P. Touhey
    Musicentre Productions

Cynthia Wallace
    North American Concert Promoters Assoc.

Dan Weiner
    Monterey Peninsula Artists

Dan Zelisko
    Evening Star Productions

In Memorium
Bob Kelley
    Mid-South Concerts

David Williams
    Cellar Door Concerts