Last updated March 23, 2005.

Wednesday, February 2

12:30 - 1:45pm
• Arena Managers Meeting
  or How Do Arenas Fit Into
  The Changing Business

  Model (Presented by IAAM)
  John Siehl, Nutter Center

  Ed Rubenstein, Bi-Lo Center
  John Branigan, William Morris Agency
  Rick Franks, Clear Channel Ent.

  Danny Eaton, AEG
  Randy Brown, Allen County War Mem. Col.
  Jack Utsick, Jack Utsick Presents

• Clubs in the Spotlight

  Joe Rinaldi, Viper Room
  Michael Jaworek, Birchmere
  Sean Striegel, House of Blues Anaheim
  Bruce Houghton, Skyline Music
  Sam Kinken, Irving Plaza
  Nick Storch, Face the Music Touring

• Small Hall Managers Meeting
  Pam Matthews, Ryman Auditorium 
  Rena Wasserman, The Wiltern LG
  Rick Merrill, Universal Amphitheatre
  Laurie Jacoby, Radio City Music Hall
  Brett Steinberg, CAA
  Jake Hooker, Hook Entertainment

• International Views: American   Artists in Foreign Markets
  Roberto Meglioli, AssoMusica
  Ossy Hoppe, Wizard Promotions
  Peter Gruber, Wiener Stadhalle
  Noel McHale, MCD Productions
  Arie Kaduri, NYK Productions
  Michael Gudinski, Frontier Touring Company

2:15 - 3:30pm
• Who Moved Our Fans:
  Marketing to Changing
  Adriane Biondo, Jack Utsick Presents
  Amy Morrison, AEG Live / Concerts West
  Kyle Newport, Bay Area Productions
  Sid Farbstein, Bill Young Productions
  Lisa Bellamore, House of Blues Concerts
  Brian O'Boyle, Metro Talent
  Bob Roux, Clear Channel Entertainment
  Calvin Lui, Ticketmaster

• Independent Promoters
  Lionel Bea, Bay Area Productions
  Dave Leiken, DoubleTee Concerts
  Paul Thornton, Bravo Entertainment
  Darin Lashinsky, Outback Concerts
  Lucy Lawler, Rival Entertainment
  Mike Quinn, Monqui Presents
Corrie Christopher, The Agency Group

• Creating A New Festival
  Ashley Capps, A.C. Entertainment 
  Kevin Lyman, 4fini
  Marcie Allen Cardwell, MAC Presents
  Rob Hagey, San Diego Street Scene
  Paul Tollett, Goldenvoice
  Mike Luba, Madison House
  Mellie Price, Front Gate Tickets

• Comedy-Live Entertainment’s
  Best Kept “Secret”

  Geoff Wills, Bill Graham Presents
  Rick Greenstein, The Gersh Agency
  JP Williams, Parallel Entertainment
  Stacy Mark, William Morris Agency
  Nick Nuciforo, APA
  Lewis Black
  Markus King, King Management
  Ron DeBlasio, Ron DeBlasio Management

4:00 - 5:00pm
Keynote Address -
Merck Mercuriadis
“Our World Has Changed -
Stop Hiding Under The Covers”

Thursday, February 3

9:30 - 10:30am / 11:00 - 12:00

• Round Tables
  “Shawn Fanning Was Not An MIT Scientist    On A CRAY 3”
   Mike "Goon" McGinley, SRO Consultants

   “Theater Environments For Arenas”
  Brad Parsons, Arena Network

   “Cold Case - When A Stiff Is Not A Stiff
  Danny Zelisko, Evening Star Productions

   “The Hip Hop Touring Era”
  Jeremiah "Ice" Younossi, Emmel Comm.

   “Staying Clean & Sober On The Road”
  Grace Slick, Hired Power
  Nanette Zumwalt, Hired Power

   “Where Is My Tour Support? Artist
   Development 2005”

  Harvey Leeds, Epic Records

  "Promoting 101 - Back to Basics"
  Wayne Forte, Entourage Talent Associates

  "According to Jim"
  Jim Lewi, LiveWorks

  "Fear Factor: Concert Insurance in the
   21st Century"

  James Chippendale, CSI Ent'ment

  "Whose Ticket is it Anyway?"
  Carl Thomas,

  "Basic Deal Structures & Negotiations"
  Sherry Wasserman, Another Planet Ent.

2:00 - 3:30pm
• 2004: The Public Pushes Back
  Alex Hodges, House of Blues
   Michael Rapino, Clear Channel Ent'ment
  Jay Marciano, AEG
  Jon Stoll, Fantasma
  Arny Granat, Jam Productions
  Jack Utsick, Jack Utsick Presents

4:00 - 5:30pm
• Changing the Touring
  Business Model

  Doc McGhee, McGhee Entertainment
  Peter Katsis, The Firm
  Elliot Roberts, Lookout Management
  Charlie Brusco, TBA Entertainment
  Peter Asher, Sanctuary Artists Mgmt.

Friday, February 4

10:30 - 11:30am
• Mentoring Sessions
  Debra Rathwell, AEG
  Jon Stoll, Fantasma
  Brian Murphy, Avalon Attractions
  Wayne Forte, Entourage Talent Assoc.
  Gregg Perloff, Another Planet Ent'ment
  Randy Phillips, AEG
  Dan Weiner, Monterey Peninsula Artists
  Rob Light, CAA
  Bill Silva, Bill Silva Mgmt.
  Dolf Berle, House of Blues
  Dexter King, IAAM

3:00 - 4:15pm
• Touring Professionals
  Patrick Stansfield, P Stansfield & Assoc.
  John Brown, Brown United
  Danny O'Bryen, Screenworks
  M.L. Procise, Showco / Clair Bros.
  Michael Strickland, Bandit Lites
  Debbie Sharpe, Eat Your Hearts Out
  Robin Shaw, Upstaging
  Ford Englerth, Clear Channel Ent'ment
  Steve Lemon

• Changing Roles of
  Casino Venues

  Billy Brill, Billy Alan Productions
  Leanna Hoffman, Agua Caliente Casino
  Tinti Moffat, William Morris Agency
  Lori Otelsberg, Signature Ent'ment & Promotions
  Steve Blanck, Gayle Force Ent'ment,
  Steve Gietka, Trump Taj Mahal Ent'ment
  Stephan Boyd, MPI Talent Agency
  Crisper Stanford, Caesar's Ent'ment

• Beyond Sponsorship: The   
  New Paradigm, Where   
  Brands & Artists Meet

  Joe Killian, Momentum
  Bruce Eskowitz, Clear Channel Ent'ment
  Mike Windsor, CAA
  Mathew Knowles, Sanctuary Group

Doors Open at 6:00pm
Show Starts at 7:00pm

• Pollstar Concert
  Industry Awards
  at The Wiltern LG