College Volunteer Program

Are you a Campus Program Advisor who has students studying to be a part of the concert or event industry? Would they benefit from exposure to the people who really make decisions in the industry?

Pollstar Live! offers a limited number of volunteer positions to college students pursuing degrees in Sports & Entertainment Marketing or related fields. The volunteer program offers students an opportunity to work at the conference in trade for their registration cost. Students are responsible for their own travel, lodging and food costs not included in the conference registration.

Staffing for the College Volunteer Program for Pollstar Live! 2013 is now complete.

Our 2013 volunteers!

Corey Allen, Indiana University
Gregg Allen, Indiana University
Brendan Biesen, Indiana University
Michael Kiser, Indiana University
Yiting Liang, Indiana University
Jacobs Lyons, Indiana University
Jamie Phipps, Indiana University
Emily Puterbaugh, Indiana University
Michael Redd, Indiana University
Joe Romweber, Indiana University
Jennifer Samson, Indiana University
Charles Wood, Indiana University
Joshua Bahler, Johnson & Wales University
Sean Daly, Johnson & Wales University
Lauren Grinewich, Johnson & Wales University
Timothy Huang, Johnson & Wales University
Lauren Laramee, Johnson & Wales University
Svetlana Avellan, Missouri State University
Kimber Choate, Missouri State University
Emily Heffner, Missouri State University
Sean Heidger, Missouri State University
Adelyn Herring, Missouri State University
Nicole Lane, Missouri State University
Jeremiah Moore, Missouri State University
Ben Prevallet, Missouri State University
Troy Rolen, Missouri State University
Megan Stonecipher, Missouri State University
Andre’a Taylor, Missouri State University
Miguel Chavez, New Mexico State University
Ginny Van Doren, New Mexico State University
Marcos Guzman, New Mexico State University
Ashley Lozoya, New Mexico State University
Jared Strommen, New Mexico State University
Elizabeth Cook, Point Park University
Kaitlyn Baird, Point Park University
Samantha Crowe, Point Park University
Max Kovalchuk, Point Park University
John Lombardo, Point Park University
Samantha Lynn, Point Park University
Meredith Savage, Point Park University
Adam Valen, Point Park University
Julie Thompson, Tennessee Tech. University
Gianfranco Cuoco, UCLA
Chris Nowling, UCLA
Thomas Pariso, UCLA
Shayne Bryan, University of Montana
Leif Christian, University of Montana
Domenico Cianciotto, University of Montana
Sonja Grimmsmann, University of Montana
Anthony Manka, University of Montana
Jason Mathews, University of Montana
Loni Neilson, University of Montana
Will Petersen, University of Montana
Ian Velikoff, University of Montana
Jessica Womack, University of Montana
Rachel Zerger, University of Montana
Jason Marcil, University of New Hampshire
Jacqueline McCarrick, University of New Hampshire
Matthew Philbrick, University of New Hampshire
Jonathan Vignaly, University of New Hampshire
Lara Gladstone
Jason Thornberry
Paul Tappon
Lou Ornelas

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Nicole Perez at for information.

Pictured above: Barbara Hubbard, Insight Management’s Maria Brunner and entertainment consultant Jim McCue proudly pose with Dr. Scott Douglas and his 2007 class of University of Montana volunteers.