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Photo Gallery 1

The 27th Annual Pollstar Awards was held Friday, February 12, 2016 at the SF Masonic in San Francisco. Hosted by comedian Gary Owen, the show kicked off with a performance by Con Brio. Celebrity presenters included Brent Bourgeois (Bourgeois Tagg and solo), Greg Kihn (The Breakup Song), Jeff Watson (Sister Christian), Matisyahu (Hasidic reggae superstar), Narada Michael Walden (producer, songwriter) and Con Brio.

All Photos: Barry Brecheisen, Jeffrey Mayer and Jason Squires


Musician Brent Bourgeois hands out hardware for personal manager of the year.

Former Night Ranger guitarist Jeff Watson presents the Bobby Brooks Award / Agent Of The Year.

Rena Wasserman, Alex Hodges and the rest of the Nederlander/Greek Theatre crew pick up the Red Rocks Award for Best Small Outdoor Venue.

Rick Cady, The Hamilton Live; AnneMarie Martins and Jeff Laramie, SRO Artists; Brandon Linton, Rams head Live.

Chrissy Hall, David A. Straz Jr. Center for The Performing Arts; Anita Wiglesworth and Sari Feinstein, Wells Fargo Center for the Arts.


Dan Peraino, The Kurland Agency; Anya Siglin, The Ark; Patrick Donnelly, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.

Sara Bollwinkel, Paradigm; Melanie Cantwell, I.M.P.; Larry Webman, Paradigm; Alex Maxwell, Troubadour; Jonathan Adelman, Paradigm.

Erroll Jackson, Erroll Jackson Company; Paul Thornton and Cam Biehle, Paragon Presents.

Bernie Punt, Bryce Jordan Center; Vanessa Kromer, Nederlander Concerts; Cam Biehle, Paragon Presents; Scott Bauer, Nederlander Concerts.