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Weekly ranking of artist ticket sales.

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Weekly chart showing the top new tours.

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Information about Pollstar, contact information, and staff listing.

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Pollstar employment opportunities.

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Pollstar LIVE! Awards and Conference.

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Find worldwide tour itineraries and contact information for thousands of artists including their Agency and/or Record Company with phone and fax. Anytime, day or night, retrieve exclusive Pollstar boxoffice tour history research reports on thousands of acts.

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This section provides the latest key stories that reveal a behind-the-scenes look at what's happening from the business perspective.

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Latest North America and International music news.

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Ticket Sales Charts, Festival & Event Calendars, & Pollstar Live! Coverages & Award Winners.

A cover interview with an emerging star you should know about.

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Agency, Management, and Record Company signings. Gold and Platinum album certifications.

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Photo Gallery Index of Live/Backstage shots.


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Purchase Pollstar directories (artist management, booking agency, concert venues, concert support services, talent buyer, and record company).
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Purchase Pollstar magazine and back issues. Includes:
Hotstar Insider News Briefs Boxoffice Summary
Global Concert Pulse International News International Boxoffice Summary
Back Stage Photo Pass Industry Insider News


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The Pollstar API (Application Programming Interface) is a means by which Pollstar offers data feeds of concert listings in XML format.

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